You've been set up on a blind date, and it's in one hour! This is a game that takes place in real time, but don't worry about rushing, you've got enough time to be messaging on Facebook at the same time, reading Twitter, or doing whatever else you want.

This story links to music from In Love With A Ghost, so be aware of sound eventually. It will also alert you at certain points.

Now, go and read it!

(Psst - if your browser blocks the popup some time into the game, click here.)

(Double psst - this game has been A MESS to code. If you come across a bug, let me know, @hoeyboey on twitter.)

I'd also like to give credit to Caitlynn Belle for helping me bugtest and play this monstrosity (seriously, let me know if you want to see how this was coded because it's disgusting). She makes weird games, you can find her work at and her more porn-focused stuff

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